Future Foods DAO- Driving Alternative Protein Open-Source Development

Future FoodsDAO will be a flagship community on the blockchain for the alternative protein industry that funds, develops, acquires, owns, and disseminates foundational technologies to expand the sector.  It will offer an open-source ‘marketplace’ for scientists and alternative protein advocates to trade and share tools that will be used to further R&D in the sector. The combination of limited funding resources for researchers and access to research outputs locked in silos (universities, corporations, etc.) hinders development and the broader impact of key technologies and growth of the industry.  The DAO will accelerate open-source research and development while generating a self-sustaining ecosystem through an innovative revenue model.


The DAO community will be the new “shareholders” of alternative protein knowledge (e.g., through IP-NFTs & digital assets). The primary goal will be to acquire, support, and finance innovation and research data in the alternative protein sector. The Future Foods Dao collective will directly hold legal IP rights to research projects that are financed by the community and will develop a growing portfolio of assets. A secondary goal of the project will be to offer decentralized community-run R&D lab services that empower members by sharing data and collaborating on resource management. Developing open-source lab services will optimize costs through equipment and knowledge sharing while catalyzing new research and inspiring further studies.