Driving Alternative Protein Open-Source Development
A community striving to make our global food system more sustainable.
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Future Foods DAO is a community-owned collective funding early-stage alternative protein open-source research.

Alternative proteins could
reach 11% of global
market by 2035
Record $5 billion
invested in alternative
protein in 2021
More than 740
alternative protein

We identify and fund the most promising foundational alternative protein research. We support early stage research and facilitate commercialization. Members can join Future Foods DAO by purchasing tokens or earning them through contributions of work or Intellectual Property.

Our Vision

The Future Foods Dao collective will directly hold legal IP rights to research projects that are financed by the community and will develop a growing portfolio of assets. To make these innovations broadly accessible to the global community, the DAO will offer decentralized community-run R&D projects, such as lab services, that empower members by sharing data and collaborating on resource management. Developing open-source infrastructure/tools will optimize costs through equipment and knowledge sharing while catalyzing new research and inspiring further studies.

Our Problem

TheFAO estimates that current food production systems account for 33 percent of all human-caused GHG emissions. The alternative protein industry has the potential to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture industry by providing an alternative to meat. However, the combination of limited funding resources for researchers and access to research outputs locked in silos (universities, corporations, etc.) hinders the development and broader impact of key technologies and the growth of the industry.

Our Solution

Future Foods DAO will leverage a specialized technical framework that combines legal agreements such as IP licenses with the NFTs and decentralized secure data storage networks that are coupled with the NFT. Additionally, it will empower alternative protein ecosystem stakeholders by using blockchain technology to connect scientists and alternative protein professionals in both academia and industry. By sharing data and collaborating on resource management, Future Foods DAO hopes to construct a digital ecosystem for scientific research that will streamline the funding process and extend collaboration to a broader scale.

How it Works

1. Future Foods DAO is permissionless - any individual or organization can join FutureFoods DAO by either purchasing a token or contributing work.
2. The community will fund promising research and own the resulting IP. 
3. An open-source ‘marketplace’ for alternative protein scientists and advocates to trade and share tools that can be used to further research and development (R&D) in the sector.
4. The DAO community will license IP to food manufacturers.

An active community of contributors and partners is the driving force behind our success

We have a highly motivated and ever-expanding global community for advancing alternative protein research. From crypto enthusiasts to researchers and alternative protein advocates, our support comes from all corners of the globe. To learn more about the DAO structure, and find out how you can get involved in our working groups, click the link below.